Session Number Session Title
IARS19-24 A Walking History of Medicine in Montreal: Osler, Penfield and Bethune
IARS19-01 A&A, Anesthesiology, BJA & CJA Symposium: Research Highlights and Future Priorities: Perspectives of Journal Editors
IARS19-57 Airway Management of the Obstetric Patient: What’s New?
IARS19-45 Anesthesia and Sensory Awareness: How Mechanism May Inform Clinical Practice
IARS19-46 Anesthesiologists as Monitors of Physiology: Remote Monitoring of Postoperative and High-Risk Patients
IARS19-37 Anesthetic Management of Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (IONM) Signal Changes: A Case-Based, Simulation-Driven Learning Experience
IARS19-27 APSF Panel: Can We Eliminate Medical Errors in the Operating Room?
IARS19-49 ASER Review Course Lecture: Perioperative Medicine and Enhanced Recovery: Current State and Future Directions
IARS19-09 AUA Symposium: Anesthesia and Consciousness: How Investigations of the Anesthetized State Shape Current Concepts of Consciousness
IARS19-58 AUA, eSAS, IARS, FAER, MPOG, PACT & SOCCA: Initiative for Multicenter Pragmatic Anesthesiology Clinical Trials’ (IMPACT)
IARS19-34 Cardiovascular Outcomes in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Implications for Anesthesiology
IARS19-40 Cell Death & Survival: Beyond Oxygenation
IARS19-54 Emergency General Surgery, the Elderly and Non-Beneficial Surgery: The Problems, Solutions and Outcomes
IARS19-38 Encouraging the Next Generation of Women: Growing Junior Faculty as Leaders
IARS19-23 eSAS Panel: Getting Beyond the Anesthesiology Department: Broad Impact through Broad Thinking
IARS19-55 eSAS Panel: Update and Primer on New Techniques in Basic Science Anesthesia Research (Optogenetics, CRISPR Cas-9, and Next-Gen Sequencing)
IARS19-51 Incivility in Academic Medicine: Incidence, Instigators and Impact
IARS19-07 Information Technology, Decision Support, Machine Leaning and Artificial Intelligence: How They Will Transform the Practice of Anesthesiology
IARS19-25 International Science Symposium: Dementia: Let’s Stop Losing Our Minds
IARS19-43 Intraoperative Opioids: Postoperative Consequences, Opioid-Free Anesthesia and Nociception-Index Guided Administration
IARS19-17 ISPCOP Panel: Fables, Facts and Best Practice Updates: The Patient with Obesity
IARS19-44 ISPCOP Review Course Lecture: Ambulatory Surgery in Morbid Obesity: Quo Vadis?
IARS19-39 Israel Society of Anesthesiologists & Israel Association of Obstetric Anesthesia Obstetric Anesthesia in Israel Panel: Modern Obstetric Anesthesia Challenges in Traditional Populations
IARS19-08 Nudging Physicians to Change Behavior: The Theory, Conduct, and Critical Assessment of Nudge-Type Interventions
IARS19-03 Opening Session and T.H. Seldon Memorial Lecture: The Global Anesthesia and Surgical Crisis: What Can We Do?
IARS19-53 Organ Protection during the Perioperative Period
IARS19-15 Pain Outcomes, Patient Registries and Learning Health Systems: Delivery of Best Pain Care at Lower Cost
IARS19-56 Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia: Innovations from the Other Side of the Drape
IARS19-02 Peri-Operative Myocardial Injury and Infarction: Pathophysiology, Prognosis and Treatment
IARS19-11 Physician Wellness in Hospital Medicine: Thriving, Not Simply Surviving
IARS19-59 Practical Lessons from Over 25-Years of Work in TIVA and Anesthetic Clinical Pharmacology
IARS19-52 SAGA Panel: Waves of Delirium: Anesthetic-Induced EEG Patterns that Predict Postoperative Delirium
IARS19-04 Scholars’ Program: Introduction
IARS19-05 Scholars’ Program: Session-01: Establishing Independence, Building an Academic Career through Innovations in Research and Education
IARS19-10 Scholars’ Program: Session-02: Navigating and Conducting Pragmatic Clinical and Translational Trials for Research
IARS19-16 Scholars’ Program: Session-03: Promoting Your Career Advancement through Research and Education
IARS19-21 Scholars’ Program: Session-05: Preparing for the Future of Anesthesiology Now
IARS19-31 SmartTots Panel: Anesthesia and Neurotoxicity: A Conundrum for Clinicians
IARS19-28 SNACC Panel: Opioid-Free Anesthesia: Biologic Basis and Potential Applications in Neurosurgical Anesthesiology
IARS19-19 SOAP Panel: Attaining the Opioid-Free Cesarean Delivery
IARS19-32 SOCCA Panel: Critical Care Anesthesiologist & Acute Care Continuum of Complex Stroke Patient
IARS19-35 SOCCA Panel: Sepsis-Induced Coagulopathy: Mechanisms and Management
IARS19-12 SOCCA Panel: Towards Precision Medicine Intensive Care Unit
IARS19-22 SOCCA Review Course Lecture: Reducing Variation in Red Blood Cell Transfusions: Are We Making Progress?
IARS19-26 SOCCA Review Course Lecture: What Is the Magic Number? Blood Pressure Thresholds in the Operating Room, ICU and Beyond
IARS19-47 SPAQI and SAGA Panel: Mind Your Elders! A Multidisciplinary Approach to Geriatric Perioperative Care
IARS19-41 SPAQI Review Course Lecture: Perioperative Troponin and MINS (Myocardial Injury after Noncardiac Surgery)
IARS19-36 STA Panel: Beyond the Hype: Emerging Technologies and Their Potential to Improve Anesthesia Education, Research, and Care Delivery
IARS19-42 TAS, SOAP, SPA, and SAGA Panel: Trauma Anesthesia for Special Populations; Obstetric, Pediatric and Geriatric Patients
IARS19-06 The ASRA Regional and Pain Anticoagulation Guidelines
IARS19-14 The Development, Use, and Limitations of Standards, Guidelines and Best Practices
IARS19-29 The Enterprise Electronic Medical Record Data Access Problem: How to Build a Perioperative Data Warehouse for Quality Improvement, Reporting, and Research
IARS19-30 The Evolution of Onco-Anaesthesia: Changing How We Care for the Cancer Surgery Patient
IARS19-33 Understanding Observational Studies: Updates from Perioperative Epidemiologists
IARS19-13 WFSA and IARS Panel: Controversies in Global Health
IARS19-48 What’s New in Critical Care: Cardiac, Neuro, Surgical and Medical Intensive Care
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